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Are you looking for Wasp Pest Control in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire? We provide a 24-hour service to aid you in any pest problems and issues you may be facing!


Wasp Nest Removal

ASAP Wasp Removal provides wasp nest removal throughout Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Stevenage and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience and are fully insured and qualified for your peace of mind.

Some signs of wasp nests are below:

Normally, the first sign of wasps nests is a rise in wasps in and around your home. Wasps may flock to your garden in the summer due to beautiful flowers that may have begun blooming in the spring. However, if you are detecting abnormal numbers of wasps around your home, you likely have a nest. 

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Why are Wasps a Problem?

Wasps disturb the peace during outdoor activities and garden maintenance tasks, making work difficult to finish. Wasps can grow aggressive in late summer, especially if they feel threatened. 

Unlike Honey Bees, who can die once they have stung, wasps can freely cause painful stings and not face this danger. If allergic reactions to wasp stings are untreated, this can lead to fatal consequences.

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Identifying a Wasp Nest

Popular nesting locations include sheds and garages, roofs, lofts and wall cavities, under eaves, and even birdhouses. Areas like these have easy entrance access to the outside for many insects where they can fly out to collect and gather pollen while also being shelter places for their young.

Wasps are also highly attracted to untidy spaces such as uncovered or tipped bins, and outdoor eating areas coated in crumbs or sticky or sugary sweet liquids that they may feed on. Unlike in winter, when wasps and insects are often hiding away in hibernation, during the summertime, this is an issue much easier to spot. 

See if you can watch where the worker wasps draw towards your property or garden. Manage their flight path to identify where their nest may lie or where they emerge from. As more wasps draw to the nest in the summer, it is more inclined to grow as colonies form, growing to the size of a football. 

Wasp Nest Treated / Removed from £45

We provide a follow up visit if it is required. Safely get rid of your wasp infestation by getting in touch! Click the link to direct you to our contact details and we'll be in touch shortly.

Do You Have a Wasp Problem?

Wasps can often be nuisance pests, much like your average ant, rat or mouse, and may infest your home all the same. 

You may face many species such as; Common wasps, Vespula, German wasps, European paper wasps or European hornets.  

If you notice a growing number of wasps flying about your home, it may be that you have a wasp problem issued by a nest nearby. 

Wasp stings can be excruciating and can cause allergic reactions to some affected. 

It would be best if you got this under wraps early or as soon as you discover a nest; as the summer season draws on, wasps can become even more aggressive when stinging and are more inclined to attack. 

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Milton Keynes Bedfordshire

We can provide our local Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire customers with fast, efficient and cost-effective domestic nest removal.

Stevenage Hertfordshire

ASAP Wasp Removal offer reliable wasp nest removal services in Stevenage and throughout Hertfordshire. We work throughout the SG Postcodes.


Your safety is the number one priority so please know you can contact ASAP Wasp Removal for a physical on-site nest removal.

Our Wasp Control Solution

We can provide an inspection, allowing us to develop a control plan upon observing the nest and identifying the severity. 

During this, we will document our findings and present them to you based on the initial and or follow up inspections and services we can offer. 

Here we can educate you on the diet and feeding, habitat and behaviours of wasps to determine what steps you can take to secure your home. 

We can provide much more information on pest control for both Internal and External wasp problems. 

There are many DIY ways to rid wasps in your home; however, the safest and effective way is to reach out to and seek professionals like ASAP Wasp Removal. You may contact us via email or give us a call via the number below.

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ASAP Wasp Removal have years of experience in all aspects of pest control, including rodents, insects and birds. Wasp nests are dangerous if left untreated, so if you think you may have a nest on your property, please contact us immediately for professional advice and treatment.

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